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When Everything is Ashes by Lunarcliptic-fobia When Everything is Ashes :iconlunarcliptic-fobia:Lunarcliptic-fobia 1 0 Life of the Party by Lunarcliptic-fobia Life of the Party :iconlunarcliptic-fobia:Lunarcliptic-fobia 0 0 Sleepy Cuddles by Lunarcliptic-fobia Sleepy Cuddles :iconlunarcliptic-fobia:Lunarcliptic-fobia 5 0 Peggy by Lunarcliptic-fobia Peggy :iconlunarcliptic-fobia:Lunarcliptic-fobia 4 0 Fairy by Lunarcliptic-fobia Fairy :iconlunarcliptic-fobia:Lunarcliptic-fobia 3 0 Cloud drake by Lunarcliptic-fobia Cloud drake :iconlunarcliptic-fobia:Lunarcliptic-fobia 4 0 Wingtalia: OzNZ by Lunarcliptic-fobia Wingtalia: OzNZ :iconlunarcliptic-fobia:Lunarcliptic-fobia 3 1 Babs OzZea by Lunarcliptic-fobia Babs OzZea :iconlunarcliptic-fobia:Lunarcliptic-fobia 4 0 Spirit by Lunarcliptic-fobia Spirit :iconlunarcliptic-fobia:Lunarcliptic-fobia 1 0 Assassin on High by Lunarcliptic-fobia Assassin on High :iconlunarcliptic-fobia:Lunarcliptic-fobia 1 0 Fem!New Zealand. Sass Queen by Lunarcliptic-fobia Fem!New Zealand. Sass Queen :iconlunarcliptic-fobia:Lunarcliptic-fobia 4 0 Forbidden by Lunarcliptic-fobia Forbidden :iconlunarcliptic-fobia:Lunarcliptic-fobia 2 6 Brightheart/Lostface by Lunarcliptic-fobia Brightheart/Lostface :iconlunarcliptic-fobia:Lunarcliptic-fobia 2 1 I'm watching you by Lunarcliptic-fobia I'm watching you :iconlunarcliptic-fobia:Lunarcliptic-fobia 2 4 At your service~ by Lunarcliptic-fobia At your service~ :iconlunarcliptic-fobia:Lunarcliptic-fobia 1 0 England, what do you have there..? by Lunarcliptic-fobia England, what do you have there..? :iconlunarcliptic-fobia:Lunarcliptic-fobia 1 3


Family Matters - Daddy England x Child Reader
“Daddy, may I ask you a question?” you inquired of your British father, Arthur, as he had just come home from work.  With the time being nine o’clock at night, you were awfully tired but determined to see your father before heading off to bed.  Arthur, however, looked dreadfully exhausted as his work day seemed to have taken a toll on him.  That being said, no cheery greetings were made between the two of you.  As he made his way to the kitchen, Arthur barely seemed to give you a glance.
“Sure, what is it dear?”  Quickly, you followed him into the other room, seeing as he was actually willing to talk to you tonight.
“Daddy, how much do you make an hour?”  A gasp left Arthur’s lips as his mind began to wonder why you felt the need to know.  He shook his head to rid himself of sleep, seeing as he could barely see straight.
“Why do you ask such a thing?” he questioned while setting his briefcase
:iconmysticaldreams18:MysticalDreams18 931 580
Old, New Valentines. EnglandXReader
Old, New Valentines.
The sunlight was seeping through the curtains like piercing beams of light, Sign that it was time to get up and start a brand new day.
But not only the sun woke you, Sudden clanking and cussing was heard loudly from downstairs.
In the Kitchen.
"Arthur...?" You said as you turned over, expecting to see your husband laying next room you in bed.
You we're only welcomed by the coldness of a half made bed.
You stood up from the bed with a frown. "Where on earth..." you said before a loud growl was heard.
"Agh you bloody-!"
Definitely Arthur.
No old man like him would be that angry in the morning by himself.
You sighed thirdly before waking to your dressing table to retrieve your nightgown before walking out the door and down the stairs.
"Arthur dear... What's going on?" You asked drowsy, missing the warmth of your bed already as you approached the kitchen slowly as you walked down the stairs.
"___!" Arthur gasped. "What
:iconcyndyrellah:Cyndyrellah 126 76
JtHM - IZ: Nny and Dib by Shinkiro-no-Kaze JtHM - IZ: Nny and Dib :iconshinkiro-no-kaze:Shinkiro-no-Kaze 374 49 Black Ice by Minomotu Black Ice :iconminomotu:Minomotu 1,428 58 whatever by TheEvilGiraffe whatever :icontheevilgiraffe:TheEvilGiraffe 4 0
Frozen Heart Ch. 8 - The North Pole
Blue depths drown in yellow. Raven can't believe the figure in front of her is real, but he will not disappear, no matter how many times she blinks or pinches herself.
Raven is no longer dreaming.
She's about to be thrown in a waking nightmare.
Pitch moves towards her. Raven's reaction is almost immediate. She throws the comforter at Pitch, not covering his head as she intended, but distracting him long enough so she can open the window. Where is Sandy? He'll be able to help her. He has to be able to help her.
"Ah ah ah, little bird."
Shadows slam the window shut, barely missing her fingers. Raven twirls, throwing her fists up in a fighting posture. Pitch laughs in amusement.
"You truly think a human such as yourself can hold her own against the King of Nightmares?"
Pitch steps closer to the dark-haired woman, relishing the look on Raven's face when her back meets the window.
She begins fiddling with the window latch behind her back. Raven would rather duck out into the falling
:iconkittykat2892:kittykat2892 9 1
My Light: Jack FrostXGuardian Reader Chapter IV
Inside the portal, (y/n) felt like she was swirling in midair.
"Whoaaaaaa!!" she shouted while spinning. After a few seconds, she suddenly felt herself hit a carpet on a hard wooden floor.
"Ugh!! Ouch!!" she grunted, getting onto her knees.
"Ah! There she is!!" a deep, Russian accented voice said. (y/n) looked up and her eyes grew big. Before her stood Santa Claus (otherwise known as North), the Sandman, and the Tooth Fairy (well, she hovered). She took a moment to look around, it looked like she was inside a toy workshop. Then she realized she must be in North's workshop.
"Wow, this is amazing," she said.
"Oi! Boys, help the lovely lady to her feet!!" North commanded. The two yetis who had gone to get her gently grabbed one arm and hoisted (y/n) up to her feet.
"Oh, thank you," (y/n) said, trying to be polite.
"Welcome (y/n), it's great to finally meet you face-to-face," North said, walking up to (y/n) and gathering both her small, dainty hands into his two, massive ones, "we are very
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 196 21
Cold (France x Prostitute!Reader)
The evening was quiet.
Francis heaved a deep sigh of impatience, moving both hands against one another in a vain effort to drive back the cold of winter. Every warm breath escaped his lips as a cloud of drifting, fading smoke, soft against the black sheet of the sky, obscuring his vision.
He visibly flinched with every stifled crunch his shoes would create in the hardened, frozen ground, and at every snap of a twig beneath his weight as he continued almost wading his way through the depths of the freshly fallen snow, picking his feet over the mounds and observing them vaguely. He despised bitter nights like this with no mistake; even the gentle accumulation of snow upon his head was irritating, unappreciated, as the cold would seep into what felt like his very skull, drawing shuddering breaths from lips gone pale from cold and discontent. To distract himself (if only for moments at a time), he was forced to urge his own mind into an imagined lull of peace,
:iconvienna-kangaroo:vienna-kangaroo 216 326
Setting The /hero/ A Good Example - Hetaoni by Americaforthewin Setting The /hero/ A Good Example - Hetaoni :iconamericaforthewin:Americaforthewin 124 81 HetaOni Cat Style by fullxmetalxgir HetaOni Cat Style :iconfullxmetalxgir:fullxmetalxgir 313 84 New Zealand: Your new friend by Destinsbackintown New Zealand: Your new friend :icondestinsbackintown:Destinsbackintown 7 4



Journal Entry: Fri Mar 8, 2013, 7:23 PM
Hey guyysss Cookie is back in business~!
This year'll be a tad bit different due to it being my first year of NCEA, although my updating may or may not change since I barely ever update anyway, with lack of purpose to actually do so or just never finding time to do it..

Well damn, rambling now..

Anyway back to the point, I was actually going to see if any of you lot actually would like a free commission?

I often don't have much inspiration for drawing any more so if you guys would like me to draw you anything just send me a note or leave a comment bellow and I'll happily help and do it for you~


{CSS: Firestixian | Art: Kitsune-Rin }


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 completely unrelated to anything but I see you know Wehrmacht90 ?? we took history and PE together in school oooh

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